Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Up All Night Off

So here I am staying up all night on my One-Day Weekend. I've been fiddling with my computer stuff, trying to get my DSL Modem to play nice with my Wireless Router...alas, no amount of online self-help wizards, FAQ pages, downloaded .pdf Manuals and trying it again could tame the beast. I paid the freight for $29.99 with my ISP and a nice fellow in Upstate New York helped walk me through the arcane steps the manufacturer of the router, the modem, and the ISP keep hidden from me, the "valued end user".

So, now everything works...unless I plug in my laser printer...this seems to overrule every other USB port, and of course I'm on a USB Wireless Adapter...I "look forward to" setting up a home network so I can connect the laser printer to the LAN instead of the USB way...I'll be reading the printer manual 'till sunrise I suspect.

To be a comfortable Graveyard Guy, you need to stay up on your nights off. I'll roast a turkey while I'm at it! Turkey sandwiches this I love turkey sandwiches!

06:30 Update
The DaveCave smells of roasting turkey now, and the laser printer talks to my new network. Simple really, just run every Windows Wizard you no avail...go to filing cabinet...find and read laser printer Starter Guide and follow the directions! Simple! Reinstall the drivers, restart the laptop, and voilà, I'm in the 21st Century! Look Ma, no wires!

Can I say that it gripes the Hell out of me that the info isn't in the Basic Operation Guide (the 100+ page manual)? It directs you to the eManual on the CD, which doesn't tell you how to add your new laser printer to your network either...OK it works, and I was staying up all night anyway...

Now I need a wireless print server use my Photo Printer without wires, but at least the laser machine isn't hogging all my laptop's resources now!

I'm so thankful that grooming a ski hill isn't so maddeningly technical! If you think about it though, Hi Tech is needlessly frustrating because the Tech Companies don't write the manuals for civilians...guys like me who don't speak Geek! It's like they try to make it all arcane instead of simple to understand!

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