Friday, December 18, 2009

Back On Top

...of My Mountain, anyway!

Now that the drama of the past week fades into memory-land, I finally find a few minutes to catch up.

First of all you can't catch up on sleep. The sleep account must be paid in full...every day. So I broke that Golden Rule into a thousand pieces to start my season.

Waking up Wednesday morning at 05:30, I felt like an eight year old on Christmas Morning! Finishing the last of my chores at the Ancestral Digs, packing my truck to move uphill, and driving across the Big Valley in time to unload into the garage, shower and change clothes, and roar back up to the Mountain for my Graveyard Shift.

No rest for the Wicked, I saddled up and headed out for a look-see at Nature's Handiwork. My guys said the whole 32+ inches of champagne powder that fell during the Pearl Harbor Day Storm, packed out to about eight inches. Coverage is good for mid-December, which is to say it's still thin.

After a good night on the Mountain, I wasn't done with my obligations just yet. I picked up a bin of mail and magazines from the Post Office, dumped them in the DaveCave and motored east to Reno for my Annual Haircut.

It's always nice to catch up with my stylist. We've known each other for 25+ years, and she always gives me the best haircut! Only two people in my whole life knew how to cut my hair, so I keep Carina's number on my phone. I always love getting these haircuts, my thick curly hair hitting the salon floor always gets plenty of comment from the Blue Hairs in the peanut gallery! My own little 15 minutes once every fall.

Properly coiffed, I hit the Supermarket and replenished Chez DaveCave's larder, and pointed the DaveMobile towards home. Making a scary a drive home, trying desperately to keep my eyes open, time wasn't moving forward enough for my needs. I made it home without incident, and became reacquainted with my pillow...ahhh. I hadn't slept for almost 33 hours. I was vibrating from the fatigue.

What's that voice coming from my trusty GE Super Radio tonight? It's Art Bell sitting in on his old show, all the way from the Philippines! I'm going to enjoy tonight's shift! I'll load the iPod just in case it becomes a Remote Viewing Show! Off to work now...woopie!

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