Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Arise You Turkey-Fied Zombies!

Most of Sunday
Except for the ragged flesh falling off my bones and the dark sunken eyes, I am a Zombie today. I don't have any uncontrolled compulsion to drag a foot stiff-legged down a dark road in search of human flesh, or moan unintelligibly while dragging said extremity. In fact, I've barely made it out of the horizontal today! I did sit bolt-upright when the Network switched to the Raider Game and they rallied in the last minute to win!

Two days of baking and cooking the Family Thanksgiving at the Ancestral Digs took it out of my tired old bones. The family chewin' the fat over Roast Turkey and all the Fixins was priceless as always. No better way to spend a nice Saturday in Fall has ever been devised. Ski Industry Mavens understand the Holidays are by necessity, celebrated in a Catch as Catch Can manner...dates matter less than getting the whole cast on stage and on their marks at the same time.

The Siskiyou Wing bought their first home this month, and my youngest sister and her husband bought a new-to-them Mini-SUV. SisterSweetly is moving across the road, and I'm obsessing over the weather. We reminisced about the 100th Birthday Party we attended the last time the family was all in one place... Less priceless was viewing the Video I shot of the whole semi-mundane affair...

A 1:04:34 B-Reel Yawner...and that was before the tryptophan kicked in. (Umm, scientists dispute the Tryptophan/Turkey Torpor Connection, citing the heavy amounts of carbohydrates and alcohol usually consumed with the turkey as the more likely drowsiness inducer)

I pressed the camcorder into service as a way to share our Holiday Table with our Aunt back in Ohio. OK I thought, My Mom's Sister might find it endearing... (After seeing 'the rushes' I'm thinking it could be of some value to Aunt Kate when she suffers from Insomnia!)

Sunday, I spent all afternoon barely acknowledging the Sunday Paper, and didn't read it per se...oh, I scanned the adds for Black Friday (Week) Deals, but newspapers don't slake my thirst for timely news anymore. Quicker clicks on a laptop deliver more news, faster than I ever thought possible. I didn't avoid the WeatherWeb though, I checked in with the Reno and Sacramento AFD's and the outlook is for drier and warmer days leading to the actual Thanksgiving Thursday. Mother Nature bats last, and to these eyes, it looks like she isn't even out of the dugout yet.

Next week, December arrives...let's hope Ma Nature has chosen her bat and made it out to the On Deck Circle and up to the plate in time to smack one outta the park!

Last week, I did read the Sunday Still, the SF Chronicle's Tom Stienstra said: "You can expect a good chance of unsettled weather, and likely rain with snow in the mountains, around Dec. 1 and Dec. 16."

I'm rootin' for ya Tom! My Mountain needs plenty of lovin' from Mother Nature, and in early December, too!

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