Friday, September 4, 2009

Time To Refresh

I didn't really do anything too weighty on my days off. I made a quick trip to the Farmer's Market for some vine-ripe beefsteak tomatoes, and some O Henry Peaches. My realization that I had underestimated the value of my Baja Trips to my weather forecast assessment acumen, put my stockpot on a roiling boil! Surging with new-found energy, I blew out two columns over a short evening.

Today the weather in the caught up to the forecast, it's heating up now, but changes are on the horizon. I paid close attention to the local TV forecast this morning while I was waiting on the latest footage from LA's "Station Fire"

Wow! There's a big Winter-Looking Alaskan System out there...well organized too, for the 1st of September. The TV guy teased possible rain for the for the weekend. Not a forecast, by any measure...just a tease. That's when my phone rang.

It was KirkVallus calling from to ask if I knew anything about Hurricane Jimena. Could I email him my links to watch Jimena do her worst?
I told him that BajaBabe had beat him to the punch, and that I've been keeping tabs on Jimena since Saturday. KV also chided me asking: If I was going to make next year's October Baja Trip? KV wanted my help picking the best week, one that keeps us outta High Season, away from the MegaBuck Marlin Tourneys, and has the favored Moon Phase and Tides.

A few minutes clicking from my Baja Bookmarks Folder, and voilà's Columbus Day Week! I'm hearing The Police's "Synchronicity" in my mind's ear...10/10/10 is our preferred Travel South Day!...more Head Music..."The Twilight Zone Theme"...I'm not making this up! The 7th is the New Moon, we fly on Sundays if we can, and the numbers speak for themselves! I got the emails sent, and settled in to chase down Jimena.

The BajaNomads were in fine fettle this morning. There were plenty of posts with "on the scene reports", and encouragement from the far-flung Nomads who aren't on the Peninsula. No sign of Bajabus, but lately he's been in theCarolinas most of the time. I parked the laptop, restarted some scans, and hit the road to take care of my errands, and grab some TacoBell.

I got back in front of the laptop, and the scan was still churning, so I futzed around in the garage for an hour and the epic virus scan was done...back to Baja BCS.

The Nomads had churned out another dozen pages, the photos and videos were starting to come in, and some of the La Paz Nomads reminded me to check the webcam in downtown La Paz...oops, no joy, no static, no picture.

I watched some CNN or FoxNews for a fire update...I tuned in just as the weather guy was conflating Jimena with the Station Fire. It must have been CNN, are there any weather guys on FoxNews? I understand that TV News is a business , and that everything on the News is packaged, but these two stories are not related, not one bit! Part of any meteorology curriculum should be enough Law schooling to prevent Weather Conflation! Not much chance that Jimena's wet remnants will hose down LA Smoldering Hills...In a News writer's wildest dreams, maybe...You know how much "everyone" likes a "Happy Ending"

I'm thinking about what I just said...TV is losing viewers every day, while the Networks are moving away from expensive Dramas and SitComs to...what? "Reality" know TV without writers! So, are the furloughed writers taking jobs with TV News divisions? Has TV News become just Stories and Shows, not Raw News?

Is there an Opposition Press keeping our Pols in line? Has weather reporting been turned into just another Entertainment Show, and not plain information? Do dwindling viewership numbers say "We are tired of TV's Stories, we'll just go elsewhere to get the straight poop, Thank You Very Much?

The answers to these questions are outside the scope of this blog.Conflating the Legacy Media's Troubles with a Groomer's Blog would be beyond:

Category Five on the Stupid Human Scale.

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