Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Change Has Come Today

So, I'm running a little behind today. I've gotten plenty of sleep, and I've fully recovered from the Driveway Project, but I guess I'm just synchronizing with the seasonal changes in Daylight and Darkness...I've always said I'm Solar Powered.

Mother Earth has been busy over the past two days! Some big earthquakes out in the Pacific, the Indian Ocean, and (this just in) South America. Closer to home, the first Autumnal Cold Front moved through NorCal and into Northern Nevada providing a little shower action overnight.

Here in the Inland Valley, the temperature is down close to 30F. I'm spending a little more tme than usual surfing the net this morning...putting off the Garage Clean-Up until it warms enough to go with shorts and a T-shirt.

There's more noise about the weak El Niño slated for the early Winter Season. Clearly it exists, the Atlantic Hurricane Season almost rates a No-Show for 2009, a statistically significant indicator of an El Niño out our way.

Bloomberg reports that Heating Oil Futures are up today, most likely in response to this Report.
The Markets are nervous of late, though it's more likely Politics than Weather that have the Traders wound up. I won't have much to ponder until the October 15th 90 Day Climate Discussion is published. It's all just noise until enough data is in to run the models and make a forecast, anyway.

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