Sunday, August 9, 2009

Watch This Space

The snow won't fly for a couple of months yet.

That doesn't mean I'm not Thinking about getting back out on my Mountain!

It got to nearly 90F here at the Folk's today...a far cry from Winter's icy embrace...

So I kept my hand in the Game...I spent a couple of hours deleting a Season's-Worth of Company e-mail.

When it's me and the Guys on my Mountain, I'm "Master of My Domain" and all those in my Inbox I'm just another tiniest Subset of "Mountain All"...not that I take it personally...

The Pacific's "turned over"...Climate Scientists say: "The ENSO had entered the Cold Phase"...WeatherNerds know that means: "Oh Shit! NWS Forcasters never get it right during La Nina events"...and the ENSO shift is good for thirty years of La Nina resolution...roll the dice, pick your metaphor, play the hand that's dealt...just deal with it!

Did I mention this will be my 29th year on my Mountain...Dealin' with it?


  1. Truckee Dave!!!
    Long time no hear from!!! 29 seasons and you've probably seen it all. Tucker's, DMC's, LMC's, and my favorite the MP-400's. Many good memories of makin' quality chord together, cutting cab high wind deposits, taking out 100's of feet of buried 'bo line that patrol left up :0) and listening to New Years Eve Dead shows at the top of the world.

    --Lt. Dan

  2. Dear Truckee Dave,

    My girlfriend left me, my cat got the rabies, my dog bit me, I can't win the lotto, my truck just broke down and I have to ride a lawnmower to get to the unemployment office.

    What should I do?


  3. Avoid Deputy Sheriffs bearing Tasers!

  4. ChicoMan,

    Do you write Country Western Songs or what? You should move to Nashville!