Monday, August 17, 2009

Choosing Days Off

I'm just not feeling it...yet. Winter ski season is still some months away. I'm hanging at the Ancestral Digs, doing some maintainance, and getting in as much recreating as I can afford. Still, the Earth orbits our star, and the days are getting shorter. Winter will arrive, the snowmaking will begin, and the Groomers will start stirring. The itch to twitch the sticks will send us up the hill, as sure as shorter days send birds south for the winter.

Once the Mountain starts building towards the Season Opener, the days will become nights at work, momentum will build, and then the Big Push will start the whole cycle once again. If the Weather Gods deliver a good blast of winter storms in late Fall, the Big Push will become the Holiday Period, and schedules will be something to dream of...until the whole mountain is up and running. Our Post Season Championship Tourney is played at the Beginning of Ski Season, the Stretch Run comes right out of the blocks. Groomers will grind it out at the cost of enough rest, telling themselves they'll get an Extra-Nice Vacation once the season's over.

When my hours go way up, and I start feeling the loss of sleep, I'm reminded of Jack Nicholson in Kubrick's movie "The Shining"...A fireman's axe crashes through an elegant mahogany door, and a wild eyed Jack juts his face through the hole and snarls: "Here's Johnny!"

I'm not saying I'm there yet, nowhere even remotely close...still, I'd better start pacing myself before the Heavy Stuff starts pounding in. Writing more than Grooming Reports every day is new to your's truly.

Every day I read bunches of stuff online, so I've noticed the dearth of new content over the weekend across the I guess I'll pick up the gauntlet, and endeavor to do my part to raise the noise floor the wee little bit that CorduroyPlanet is capable of.

I've had Sunday and Monday off since "Dinosaurs Roamed the Earth", I've never found a good reason to change things up, so I'll just keep an extra blog in the can this winter so my days off can stay...avocationally speaking anyway...responsibility free.

Part of any good weekend has to be a re-energizing regimen for body and soul. Freedom is the ultimate Restorative Tonic, and freedom only exists in it's pure form. Freedom can't be moderated, rationed, or doled out...either as favor or tribute, Freedom can only exist Straight Up. No brew goes by the name of "Freedom Lite"

When the snow flies, and my nights become long weeks at the sticks of my Cat, Mental Freedom will become my only salvation. Only this tonic will allow me to recharge my battery banks, providing the energy that keeps my head above water, my tongue in check as smart politics demand, and help me keep my Crew's spirit high.

My Christian Upbringing stuck with me well enough that I have a Creed that I try to live by. I'm never going to cure cancer, nor minister to the squalid in Calcutta, Bangladesh, or Timbuktu. My nod to My God is to try to make my little corner of the world pleasant and AssHat-Free.

I make the time to keep my fevered brain just below the slow boil...those around me don't know how much they appreciate it. It's the same way a Graveyard Groomer has to be a fascist when it comes to adhering to a reasonable Bedtime. There are so many distractions in life, and ski resorts offer extra helpings, so strict observance of Bedtime and Days Off are crucial to long, productive careers, happy co-workers, and goals met.

Going forward, CorduroyPlanet will publish five days weekly, Wednesday thru Sunday. Comments will be moderated in moderation on TruckeeDave's Days Off.

That isn't a license to slack off dear readers, I depend on your feedback, and I Thank You!

I'm outta here!

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